How to deal with Spywares

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Is your computer Slow ? Unstable ? Acting up weird ? it’s must possible that you’ve been infected by Spyware or Virus. Spyware is computer software that collects personal information about users without their informed consent, Spyware usually serve Advertising companies who use the information collected from your keystrokes,web browsing & Documents scanning to serve […]

initial sketch for my logo

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With the help of some Very talented group called “Imagic” my logo is being made one step after another. as you can see below they made a VERY good job with the sketch, i think i woukd prefer them to make it with an actual 8-ball on the other hand, as if i’m considering what’s […]

First actual post – Steps before we start.

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There are several things every self respective site/blog needs: 1. Logo – something memorable that will be associated with the site, as i’m crazy enough i think you wont have a problem remembering me for what i am, so the best logo figure i can think of is actually myself, not very original as i […]