Flash vs. Ajax: rich clients on your web-site

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In this time of Web 2.0, serving your clients with rich content over the internet has become probably more a survival strategy than a matter of taste. Of course, since some web-pages can It is increasingly common to hear arguments about the RIA’s deployment of Flash against the RIA’s deployment of Ajax. I consider this […]

Free USB Humping Dog

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Yes, yes.. You’re reading it right. I have received as a donation one of those crazy USB dogs. Now don’t take me wrong, I love those crazy gadgets but I already own 5 Real Life dogs, 7 cats and a duck (don’t ask!). This makes it more than enough for me as it is. Therefore, […]

KDE on Road Kill, Old games and Macintosh – Sad but true story.

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It’s been a while since I last checked my reference stats on my control panel, it seems that no matter how much I try to focus my traffic to specific keywords I’ll always get several generic search engine traffic, without any delays I’m proud to present my You searched, I’ll answer list. 1. First of […]