Browser War (Round 2)

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It was a fraudulent email that made some computer user’s heart skips a few beats. A fake email with a realistic box made it believable that Microsoft had purchased Firefox the second most popular browser. Current Browser Usage Statistics (W3C April 2007) Internet Explorer 58.9% Firefox 32.9% Opera 1.7% Safari 1.7% Microsoft Internet Explorer, once […]

Community Link Love

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I’ve just noticed that today is the 31st, the month is almost over and I’ve broke anther record, this month was my BEST yet, I won’t say much as I wish to let it all sum up (some of the stats are backlogged 1 day). I also had an amazing Alexa upgrade, I’ve Climbed from […]

Avoid the Keyword Poison

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Oh dear there is nothing quite so frustrating as keyword poison in those wonderful articles that you have posted here and there on the Internet. Keyword poison is seeps through your work because the number of keywords are simply too many. It is like your work has a bad case of the chicken pox or […]