Buy Yourself to the Top

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One lesson you’ll learn again and again in Internet media is that it doesn’t matter what system you’ve come up with to keep things real, somebody, somewhere, will try to exploit it to make a buck. We started with Bulletin Board Systems and Usenet, and they got spammed. We invented email, and we all know […]

Stop fighting technology and USE IT!

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The title of this post is a quote I saw a long time back on Slashdot, in a discussion attached to the RIAA’s throwing some hissy fit about people recording music. That line has always stuck. Sounds like there’s a whole book title in “Stop fighting technology and USE IT”, doesn’t it? Yes, that’s it, […]

Text-Link-ads first order

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It’s been 2 long weeks since I got accepted to TLA (Had to manually email them). Today I’ve received my FIRST order, I was happy to discover that the user who bought the link on my site received it for free together with extra $90 to buy links for Next month and on other sites. […]