6 Easy Steps To Get YouTube Famous

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Internet and SEO

If you want to be truly big on the Internet, then you need to get on YouTube. YouTube is public acess television for the new millenium, and the truly 1337 are making their mark there. Blogs are fine, your MySpace was cool for five minutes, but your YouTube channel is what is really going to […]

Slot Machine Hacking

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Slot machines, aka fruit machines and one-armed bandits, have been getting a little press in the news amongst the geek community lately. A recent case of a slot machine with faulty software has raised the question of whether a person playing a machine is guilty of a crime if they knowingly exploit a defect. Doubly, […]

Computer Security

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The Internet is a dangerous place, and you should be aware of that by now. If it’s not the stalkers hunting you down through your IP, then it’s data miners stealing your personal information, or god forbid, RL burglars breaking in and taking your computer away completely. Read on to find out the best ways […]