Links, links, everywhere, nor anything to read…

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Social bookmarking. Seems a new user-driven content site pops up every day. And it seems that now we have 100,000 social bookmark sites, which are not only repeating each other’s content, but the same dumb mistakes over and over again. Everybody wants to be the next Digg, Reddit, or Netscape. What we need is one […]

Last chance to win Apple iPhone

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We have more than 20 People on this contest and 68 tickets were given out, this is your LAST chance to join in, the rules are Very simple, just check up the Contest Page. Today is the final day to join in, don’t miss this GREAT opportunity to get FREE iPhone; it would be a […]

8 Linux Distros You’ve Never Heard Of…

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Since DistroWatch was so nice to link to me last week, I figured I’d explore their site and see if I can find anything interesting to chat about. One thing that’s always been interesting is their distro popularity meter, which measures how many hits the index page of each distribution gets. It is not scientific […]