Sunday’s Spam – September 30, 2007

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Wow, what a busy week… This week, I’ve celebrated yet another milestone, not only have I decided to redesign my blog – don’t worry, the hideous green stays – but I’ve finally passed the 10,000 spam comments mark! Yes indeed, it’s time to thank all those ED’s medicines for doing me the honor and spamming […]

The Top 10 GENUINE Geek Movies – Second 5

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Continued from part 1… This is the second half of the movies which I (and most will concur) think best capture geek culture. Let me remind you again: these are movies which either are about geeks, computers, technology, or hacking, or which will evoke the “geek spirit”, and not just movies which geeks temporarily like. […]

Write for us!

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Are you over-clocking your 44 MHz 286 machine to 4Ghrz with the help of 2 lemons and one potato? Are you clustering more than 100 Apple 2 computers together with Linux installed just to run XMame to play Dig-Dug? Does you latest computer case mod startle the neighbors? Are you fond of anything technology-related? If […]