8 Net Users We Can’t Stand

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1. People who don’t know how to mark up a comment or post. How do I make a link? Is it [linkURL: linked text]? linked text [linkURL]? < link > linkURL, “linked text” < /link > ? Ten years ago people at least understood basic HTML. Now, it’s a toss-up whether they manage to type […]

Linux Has More Phony Friends Than A Pop Star

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Over and over again, you see the mainstream media and corporations treat Linux and open source like that one poor fat kid who always got picked last for dodgeball in school. Software companies refuse to admit that Linux exists, until they’re in financial trouble themselves, and then all of a sudden… oh, all right, we’ll […]

Things That Piss Geeks Off

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Welcome Fark/StumleUpon user, Please be gentle 🙂 if you wish to Link to this article please make sure you’re using this address: http://www.askreamaor.com/misc/things-that-piss-geeks-off/ The Geek community is sometimes one of the easiest demographics to peg. Go to Star Trek conventions, have a level 78 wizard in a MMORG, collect manga? OK, you’re in. Try that […]