Online Graphics Tools – part 2

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Continued from part 1, these are some handy online tools useful for graphics artists, whether you’re a Photoshop virtuoso, a Gimp master, or just a working grunt who needs to get this image done already! Big Huge Labs – This one site has dozens of graphics generators – it’s almost like having Photoshop Effects on […]

Online Graphics Tools – part 1

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Web 2.0 promised us the “web as a platform”… so where the heck is it? It’s getting here, but slowly. Despite companies like Google and Adobe spinning lofty plans to provide it, “Photoshop in a browser” is still a long way off. But there are small, scattered graphics tools lying around out there, whose component […]

The Windows 7 Wishlist – I Wish It Were Linux

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What, fix Vista? Why should we? No, we’re just going to let it sink into the tarpit and start working on Windows 7. And so the “wishlist” – the list of features they’re hoping to include in the next release – is published over at Techborge. For once, Linux users can truly afford to be […]