Dancing the Google Dance

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You may have heard the term “Google dance” tossed around on the Internet, and wondered what it means. Well, you know how when you’re looking for something – like your car keys – and you pat your pockets and turn around and stoop over to look under the newspaper and run to the closet to […]

Things in Technology that Will Not Change in 2008

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I’ve done a few looking-back posts for 2007, now for a looking-forward one. Speculate how you will, but the things in this list are all tried and true technology staples, and 2008 won’t be the year they go away, either. We will never invent the perfect programming language. – As Brian Hayes calculates in one […]

The Biggest Bad Guys of Technology 2007

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Quick, Commissioner Gorden! Turn on the Bat-signal and summon the Dark Lord of Gotham to rid the city of this nefarious cast of evil-doers. It’s a tough choice narrowing it down to the number one bad guy of technology. The best we can do is round up the usual suspects from 2007 and present them […]