Pictures to be Banned From the Internet – 2008

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Hello, is this your first day? Welcome to the Internet! The Internet is going to prove to be a huge, delightful smorgasbord of fun and laughs for all, but it comes with a warning. The warning is that, if you have been on the Internet for less than five years, you should not be allowed […]

The New Rules for Summer 2008

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I thought I could retire new rules, but it looks like that’s not going to happen. There’s too many lost souls out haunting the halls of Web 2.0 needing my wisdom bad. OK everybody, line on the left, one cross each. New Rule: If you’re going for the world download record, keep your servers going! […]

The Five Worst Cults On The Internet

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The biggest let-down of the Information Age is that it didn’t lead to as much enlightenment as we’d hoped. Yes, the Internet is the fastest way to transmit knowledge, but it’s even better at transmitting bullshit. When too many people believe the same bullshit, a cult forms, and then you have this little pocket of […]