The Home Computer Security Glossary

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Security and Prevention

We geeks are so comfortable batting around those techie terms, we often get accused of having a blind spot: not explaining what those terms mean. Especially to the common home user, who is definitely not a geek but just wants to surf the web in peace. And yet, conversely, it is the common home user […]

The 13 Handiest Free Online Tools for Webmasters

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Yes, I know, these will come in just as handy for bloggers, web designers, MySpace and Yahoo users, and even plain old random people. But I like the title “webmaster” – it’s so manly! Yeah! Real Men master the web! Anyway, on with the show: Niche Bot – Great for tracking SEO keywords. Enter any […]

New Rules Just For Programmers

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Being one of the geek/coder lot, I was going to be nice to the programmers. Especially the ones who blog. After all, there’s no reason to be embarrassed at the nauseating ignorance of another – no one speaks for all of us, and it shouldn’t reflect on me. But after reading some of the sites […]