Windows Games on Linux – Abandonware

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I’d like to focus this time on one special site, which goes so well together with Windows game emulation on Linux that it’s frequently mentioned at WineHQ itself: Home of the Underdogs. “Underdogs”, as it’s commonly referred to, is a site devoted to archiving the forgotten video games of history, from the earliest day to […]

An Overview of Wine for Linux

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Wine is not an easy subject in the Linux community. To start with, it’s obviously an emulator. If DOSBox is a DOS emulator and ZSNES is a Super Nintendo emulator, then Wine is a Windows emulator. Except that Wine is an acronym which, you will be corrected, stands for “Wine Is Not an Emulator”. Oh, […]

Why Paranoia About Video Games Is Bunk

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There are two times when I would have expected vilification of video games: (1) When they first hit the mainstream, as did happen when I was growing up in the 1980s, and (2) whenever Jack Thompson is talking. If you’re a permanent citizen of Batty-Bonkersland, sure, hate on video games. It keeps you off the […]