Torturing Wolfram Alpha

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Search Engines

The latest buzz in knowledge systems is Wolfram Alpha. Let’s make this clear: it is not a Google-killer and doesn’t claim to be. It is billed as an “answer engine”, instead of a search engine. Search engines give you links to websites that answer your query; answer engines just try to give you an answer, […]

If I Ruled Computers

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Hi, I’m running for the President of Computers! Vote for me, and I promise to: Remove the ‘forward’ button from every email client. You should never forward email. Ever. In the history of ever. Not even if it will save the world. The world doesn’t want to be saved that way. Also, everybody doesn’t love […]

Twitter’s Tweeters and the Twagic Twits They Tweet

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Oh, no! Not again! Yes, again! The tech world is all hot in the pants for some new buzzword! It goes around and around the blog world. They can’t stop talking about it. they fall asleep blogging it. From the people who brought you the AJAX hype machine and the Second Life viral marketing campaign, […]