Media We Hate Because Of The Fan

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Really, I would love to be more into Insane Clown Posse. Ever since that “Miracles” song came out, I can see how they’ve managed to age gracefully all these years. They took old-school rap, mixed it with middle-class culture, and have stayed fresh and nostalgic at the same time. Unfortunately, getting into them means I […]

Snappy Yahoo answers.

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It’s Probably A Good Thing That I Don’t Have A Yahoo Answers Account Because then I’d be trolling the open questions and posting stuff like this. Oh, sure, no problem. See, we have these TV shows like Cops, Wildest Police Chases, Real Stories of the Highway Patrol, and so on. And these shows on every […]

The US vs UK – Can I Referee?

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We’re seeing a lot of US vs. UK rivalry online these days. Every forum you go to, wherever a Yankee and a Limey meet, there they are shaking their horns at each other and pawing the ground, somehow convinced that the show of aggression increases their chances of mating with the herd. The recent world […]