Eight Myths About Social Media

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Everyone from solo bloggers (ahem!) to massive multinational corporations (Proctor & Gamble, for instance) wants to use social media for self-promotion. But like any pioneering media, a bunch of wide-spread misconceptions about social media have become common. All you have to do is leak it. – Not these days! The top influencers in social news […]

RPG Video Game Cliches I’d Like To See Broken

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As MMORPGs continue to spread in popularity and just about everybody now is either playing a mini version of Facebook, joining a clan online, or buying the big games and playing them on the PC, the cliches that go along with this genre are just so ingrained that if you got rid of even a […]

Pitfalls of XMame Arcade Games

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I always like to come back to the vintage arcade games in the summer. The Mame system emulator for arcade games is something I got hooked on way back during the vintage gaming series – be sure to check it out, because it was a classic series that got a lot of buzz way back […]