What to do if you’re PC overheats and shuts down-which software can help?

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Hardware and Gadgets

There can be many reasons why a computer suddenly decides to shut down or crash. One of such reasons is overheating. It is not the same, though, which part of your computer is overheating and causes the computer to shut down. Sometimes simply leaving your covers open – unless you have a cat in the […]

The Playbook Bomb

Posted by: Jon T. Norwood In: Computers and Technology, Hardware and Gadgets, Website and Product Review

After months of fierce speculation and pontification regarding Research In Motions new Playbook tablet the wait is over. The day has come, and it has been released; everyone will be suitably unimpressed. Most of the speculation centered on whether RIM would be playing this as a wide appeal consumer tablet or as a tool to […]

Our Cybersecurity Future

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Security and Prevention

The recent stories of massive “botnet” takedowns and the Microsoft coup d’état have brought to light the national state of cybersecurity. One of the more significant aspects of the Microsoft’s victory over the Rustock botnet is the cross agency collaboration that included the US Marshall’s office, the University of Washington, and a private security company. […]