More Things To Convince People You’re A Hacker

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It’s all about image, ain’t it? You’ll run into this quote a lot on the web: “10 ways to keep your users from confusing you with a normal person: 4. When booting a user’s workstation, shout out all console output 1/2 second before it appears. Do this with your eyes closed and fists clenched.” That’s […]

Sony Sucks

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Just reading about the newest protest against Sony corporation, whom has stirred anger in the tech community AGAIN, this time for prosecuting a guy who wanted to do what he wanted to with his PS3. Let’s make something perfectly clear: It seems to be an inalienable right throughout the world that once you’ve bought something […]

4 Tips to Help Computer Geeks Improve their Writing

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A few years ago, I was charged with the task of working as an editor assisting hard sciences researchers with their writing skills. Basically, I was locked in a cold, clinical lab-type office eight hours a day with a bunch of shamelessly nerdy geeks who didn’t know the difference between passive and active voice, who […]