A Very Unfunny Reminiscence On LulzSec

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For a little while there, a cyber-mischief group by the handle of “LulzSec” rose like a fungal infection on the world news media and died out like a fungal infection after a hit of Monostat-7. Don’t believe for a minute that they’re disbanding – their website is still up, their Twitter feed is still active, […]

The Fall of Monkey Boy

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Ah, the legend of Monkey Boy! Steve Ballmer, current sitting CEO of Microsoft, earned this nickname for his famous onstage rants at Microsoft events, such as the infamous “developers, Developers, DEVELOPERS!” chant. Monkey Boy has drawn criticism lately, because his steering of the good ship Microsoft since taking the helm from Bill Gates has met […]

PEBKAC Needs To Make A Comeback

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‘PEBKAC’ is an acronym standing for “Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair” and was once a standard IT code for “We can’t solve the problem on our end”. It’s one of the canonical geek insults. And really, isn’t it getting time to be a little more frank with users again? Like this little story over […]