7 Things to do with your iPhone

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Apple and MacOS - Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

Let me be the first blogger to break the news: Apple has a new product called the iPhone! Oh, so you already knew that. Oh, bugger all. It’s so hard to get a scope in the blogosphere…

Anyway, a quick round-up of what everybody’s been doing with the latest shiny toy from the Wizard of Woz…

Activate it on a pre-paid plan. – Leave it to hackzine.com to come up with this trick. If you fail to pass the credit check when you sign up for the AT&T contract plan, you’ll be offered a pre-paid plan instead.

Join the crowd. – At an installed base of over half a million after its first weekend, there’s no question about it: the iPhone is a cultural revolution.

Hack AJAX on it. – AJAXian.com is already posting tips on Javascript hacks to customize the iPhone’s behavior. One tip for web developers: You won’t get anywhere with style-sheet declarations tagged “handheld”; it’s to be treated as a desktop web browser all the way.

Keep a virtual pet. – TechCrunch is posting this one. A game where you can care for, play with and feed a virtual pet. You guys have fun; I’ve sworn off virtual pets ever since my Tamaguchi possessed my Furby and they ran away together after killing Teddy Ruckspin.

Map your town. – This guy did one for New York City, USA already. It’s a bar and subway finder – and isn’t that all that’s important, after all? I’ll need a map of the bars in my home town to get to all the beers all my readers buy me.

Make a funny video about it. – The title “Top 5 funniest iPhone videos” is misleading, because it’s actually six!

Wave it in Microsoft’s face. – This link at Microsoft Watch isn’t nearly enough crow-eating to satisfy me. Remember the Zune? Microsoft has a lot of crawling to do before it even catches up to Apple. It’s going to have to face the fact that Apple, not Microsoft, will be the hardware company of the new millenium.

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  1. Coop Search Says:

    any idea how one uploads a image directly to a site with iphone

  2. xxdesmus Says:

    You had me at “the iPhone is a cultural revolution.”

    What a joke. (this article, and the iPhone, that is).

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