8 Online Games That Outclass the Rest

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Games - Monday, July 2nd, 2007

You see links to new games pop up on Digg and Reddit all the time. If you follow them, you’ll find some good stuff and a lot of clunkers. Here’s a little list of the best gems I’ve saved up over the past couple of years. There should be something here for anybody.

Polyphonic Spree – Quest for the Rest – If you’ve never seen this, it is breathtaking. The Polyphonic Spree had this Flash game made to promote their album “Together We’re Heavy”. The music goes beautifully with the game, which is kind of an adventure one in multiple scenes. Sweet and cuddly.

Samorost – Another adventure. Stay with it; the puzzles are tough to figure out in some places but it’s worth it. It’s almost it’s own little world to dive into and get lost in. The artwork is freaky good.

Twin Spin 3 – The best yet of the Twin Spin series. Click to walk the little connected red and yellow guys around the board, bust the blue blobs, avoid hazards, play with the gizmos. Simple and fun.

The Falling Sand Toy – You’ll need Java and a fast machine for this one, and it’s not really a game. But you can play with different kinds of material and watch how they interact in this little environment. An addicting desktop toy.

Flash Element Tower Defense – I know, it’s been linked to death, and there’s fifty clones of it out there by now. But we have to be sure everybody’s seen it! Place towers to shoot enemy waves so they can’t get through. It has spawned its own cult following; this is the stuff legends are made of.

Crossword – A rather unique take on the concept of crosswords. No clues here, just click a space and click a letter in place and it will fill in all the spaces where that letter is. It gets much harder. And if you run Linux and we catch you cheating by using regexp greps of /usr/share/dict/words… no beer for you!

Lemmings – You’ve seen Lemmings before, but never like this. This is in… DHTML! That’s right – no Flash, no Java, just regular old AJAX technology, and it runs flawlessly and looks great!

Jabberwacky – Not a game, but an AI chat bot. Give it a try, it’s quite amusing! It works very different from previous chat bots – this one learns from the entire Internet, every time somebody talks to it. So the longer it’s online the smarter it gets.

OK, what’s some of your favorites? Turn me on to something new!

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  3. Coop Search Says:

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  4. ms danielle Says:

    my favorite pc game is Worms World Party. shhhhhh….. šŸ˜‰

  5. Rea Maor Says:

    Yup, it’s a great game, very funny indeed…
    Not as funny as your Bunny, but still… very funny šŸ™‚

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