A Look at WebHostingChoice.com

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Website and Product Review - Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

www.WebHostingChoice.com is a search site for finding web hosting services according to the guild lines you submit.

When everybody starts out to get their own web domain, their first question is “Which web host should I choose?” But just searching Google doesn’t get you the answers you want – an impartial recommendation by people like you, without a lot of advertising.

WebHostingChoice solves that problem by offering an ad-free site where you can select particulars such as disk space, bandwidth, and fee, and get a list of hosts who match your preferences. It’s that simple. And in the advanced search, you can select much more options, such as finding a web host who offers a particular software service or support such as PHP or ASP, SSL and SSH, or service features such as 24/7 support or domain registration.

It also allows you to specify rating. Users can also submit a host or rate one. You can also browse the directory by either host providers or plans and packages.

Rounding out the site’s resources is an information center. Check out the articles explaining terms such as bandwidth and dedicated servers, and some tips on spotting scams by their false advertising. I found the scams section particularly interesting – yes, I have seen hosts that make some of these claims, and checked them out up to the point where the “gotcha” kicked in, and I was reading their fine print disclosure at almost the last minute.

I, myself, am happy with the choice I made – but tested the site anyway and it recommended the host I picked. The difference is, I spent months researching web hosting services, combing through forums, and asking everybody I knew. With WebHostingChoice.com, my search would have been over in ten minutes.

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