About Me

Arrg� dont eat me sir�

Rea Maor

  • Webmaster
  • Sometimes-employed Designer
  • Programmer
  • Mass spammer
  • Internet Entrepreneur
  • …and a Great Renaissance Dot-com Lover!

24 years old, living from Israel with 5 dogs, 9 cats, and any girlfriend who will tolerate him, Mr. Maor works in the Electronic Surveillance Industry… and more of that he cannot say! He owns a great many unknown websites which are black-listed by Google for no apparent reason. His friends say he has way too many ideas with far too little time.

After finishing kindergarten with honors… at the age of 18, of course… he finally set about with his diabolical plans to take over the Internet and, by extension, the world. His plans were delayed temporarily when he was recruited into the Israeli army, where he (kinda) proudly served for 3 long years. Nothing good was to come of this except attaining “staff sergeant” rank, but still, he wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

After being freed from the army once more to set his plans for Internet dominance into motion, only to quickly discover how almost-impossible it is to conquer the world with less than $20 in your pocket. And so, out protagonist sat down to ponder his options, and then he began to write. And write… and write… and write.

So, welcome to my site! I’m Rea Maor and I’ll be your host! Once considered to be the missing link between regular people and the geeks, more or less, this is my realm. Fear me, for I am GEEK – hear me roar! (Or you could just send PayPal donations)