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Posted by: Rea Maor In: Website and Product Review - Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Ever since the Firefox web browser got the ability to block web ads through extensions, other browsers looked on with a streak of envy. Even Internet Explorer users were all over our shoulders, all "Wait, your browser does what?" Well, not everybody knows that Adblock is also available for Chrome, the other open-source web browser, made by Google.

At the website for Chrome Adblock, they mention that there's a filter set for Chrome Adblock that cuts out Facebook snooping. Now, as that page explains, every web page that has a Facebook 'like' button or other ties to Facebook is snooping on your every mouse click.

This is becoming a growing problem on the web, and it's something that has the privacy-rights people in an increasing uproar. And really, even if you haven't had enough of commercial entities profiling your every move, you soon will. Everybody has a line that's drawn somewhere. George Orwell scared the cupcakes out of everybody with a book about a government that's always watching you, but you have more to fear from a corporation doing the same thing. Corporations are more motivated, while most governments are too busy getting in their own way to do anything really drastic.

And when it comes down to it, web privacy is really all about keeping as many people as possible from knowing that you search from some pretty weird fetish material. Yes, you do! And LeAnn Rhode of Saint George, Utah, USA, with those disgusting videos involving dogs and toothpaste, we're especially talking to you! My God, woman, get a husband!

Anyway, for those of you with 'antisocial' urges to block social networks from knowing too much about you, it's a good point.

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