Announcing the Suck-Up Contest to Win an iPhone!

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Contests - Thursday, July 12th, 2007

We might as well face the facts now: the iPhone is going to take over the world. We saw it before with the iPod – remember? – and everybody said, “Naw! can’t be!” Well, it did be!

The problem facing you now is, the iPhone is just too bloody expensive; that is, if you go to the store and buy one. I’m offering you a better way. I just happen to have a friend… no, wait, where are you all going? Seriously, Tom is my friend. He says so in his MySpace account. Anyway, said friend, through whatever intricate manipulations and incantations known only to himself, managed to lay hands upon not one, but two iPhones – and gave one to me.

There’s just one problem: Where I am and in the circumstances that I’m in, I can’t get network support. So, it’s a nice toy and all, but it’s essentially an attractive prop for me, where it could be a fully capable iPhone in somebody else’s hands.

This makes good material for a fun idea – after all, what else are blogs for? I’m going to give it away in a no-holds-barred contest. Consider it a raffle…

Now, the thing that I’d really like for a consolation prize – since I can’t use the iPhone – would be lots of publicity for this site. Yes, that’s right, it’s time to tell the world how much you! Because I always wanted to see my name in lights…

neon sign

Here’s the rules:

Write a small paragraph, no less than 100 words long, about this site.
Make sure that you include:

  • 1 Link to the MAIN page ( )
  • 1 Link to ANY article you especially liked
  • 1 Link to THIS page ( the Contest information and Rules )

Then post a comment here, on this post, stating your name, what site you posted the paragraph on, and whatever other actions you chose to do.

…and you have officially entered the raffle. Could it really be that simple? Well, yes, but what if you wanted to go that extra mile and earn more than one raffle ticket credit? That’s those “other actions” I was talking about! Such as:

  • Submitting it to Social Networks, which will give you 1 extra ticket per network. By “Social Networks” I mean Digg, Netscape, Reddit, Furl,, etc.
  • Voting this post UP on StumbleUpon will give you 1 extra ticket.
  • Boozing me up. $5 USD of beer is worth 3 extra tickets, but THIS CAN ONLY BE BOUGHT ONCE!
  • Submitting a video to YouTube – of you, your family, your girlfriend, your dog, your cat, your car, whatever-else-you-have – holding a sign with my site address.
  • Bonus tickets might be awarded for adding special value to the write-up of this site. I don’t know how; surprise me.

Who knows…


what creative…

Disney sign


girly sign

you might come up with!

Remember that after you’ve done one or ALL of the above you simply have to leave a comment here, telling me the details and the links to go check, and I’ll follow it up from there.

The deadline is August 31st, when the results will be tabulated and announced on this site.

If by August 31st there won’t be a minimum set of 30 people joining the contest I’ll have no other choice but to withdraw from my original prize and in exchange offer 100 USD cash prize (yes, yes, I know.. it sucks..)

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68 Responses to “Announcing the Suck-Up Contest to Win an iPhone!”

  1. Alex Says:

    Nice contest! Will be joining shortly

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  5. Tyson Says:

    Well, I have stumbled this page under onelessthang.

    Also, I have a post over at

    I have also added you to my blogroll.

    I hope that qualifies me for 3 entries.

  6. John Cow Says:

    Just boosted your competition a little 🙂

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  8. James Wilcox Says:

    Always love a good iPhone contest!

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  10. Anastasia Says:

    I blogged it here

    I dugg it here

  11. David Major Says:

    1 Article written (
    1 stumbleupon vote
    1 digg

    I think that is 999,999, sorry, 3 tickets.

  12. Red Stapler Says:

    Article on the blog.
    1 Reddit
    1 beer.

  13. betshopboy Says:

    Here’s my contest entry:

    Also Stumbled the contest post.

    Is that 2 tickets earned?

  14. Rea Maor Says:

    Indeed, 2 tickets heading your way

  15. Ashwini Says:

    Here’s post

    Added as Technorati favorite

    Will try to add in as soon as I cr8 an account on it 1! {don’t count the last one}

    read the post and give me appropriate no. tickets 😉

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