April Fools ‘ Day effect

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Humor - Monday, April 2nd, 2007

There’s one day a year when you can lie and get out of it with a smile,
That day is called April Fools’ or as we got to know him differently as “Google’s Day”
They never stop to amaze me, each and every year they come with something new.
This is sever April fools’ related hoax I’ve spotted and would like to share (if you still haven’t noticed)

Google TISP beta service:
Google Toilet Internet service provider

If you ask me (or any other google fan) this was THE hoax of the year,
When I first saw that, I knew almost from the very first second that this was
Just for April Fools ‘ Day, especially from the toilet with the fiber optic cable in it
It was extremely funny in my opinion, but the thing with google is that you may never
Know when’s a joke ends and real life starts.. it was only three years ago that google
Rocked our world with Gmail 1GigaByte mail boxes and chose to do it on April fools’ day, no one was sure back then if it was real or not, as all the other mail providers
Gave a rough estimate of 10 ‘“ 30mb of storage, so 1 gigabyte was.. well.. too good to be true.. But it got real, google did carry on with this and turned this service into
One of the must technologically advanced mail servers on the net.
So although I have my dubts about the Toilet part, don’t be surprised to find google
Offering free WiFi access in the near future.

Google’s Gmail extra feature:
Gmail paper

Unlike the first one, to see these you had to go into their Gmail sub page
But still, Printing google email archive and receiving it home? That crazy
(Specially considering the fact I have more then 10,000 archived emails there)
But still an interesting idea.

Print gmail archive

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