August’s Report – Summer Slowdown.

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Making Money Online - Sunday, September 2nd, 2007

Well, unlike John Chow (who gave us yet another reason to hate him)
I don’t earn anything NEAR $17,000 per month from this blog.

Last month, if you remember I had an All-Time record in revenue,
I made little over $150 with the help of my main 4 Sponsors.

This month is the worst of all summer months, as many people tend to go to their
annual vacations and students are still at home, technically, this should be one of
the worst months ever.
BUT, to my great surprise, not only I didn’t fall from last month’s number, but I actually earned more, is that cool or what?

here are the numbers:
#1, Affiliate Sales (including Text-Link-Ads and AuctionAds): $125
#2, Google AdSense (even though I removed them in the middle of the month, they still made me a nice revenue ): $43.27
#3, Link Sell (3 Single page links): $10.5
#4, Private Ads (Links bought directly via PayPal): $15
#5, 2 Beers ( $5 Premium Imported Beer 😉 ): $10

August’s Income - Ask Rea Maor

So that brings us to a total of $203.77 from ads for August, WOW…
I thought to myself that I should abandon must of old sponsors as they started
to look too spammy, I currently hope to find a Monthly 250×250 banner
and more Private Ads (in any shape and size), in the end I hope to
remove all of my Google ads, anyone wants to buy one up ?

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5 Responses to “August’s Report – Summer Slowdown.”

  1. Tanya (aka NetChick) Says:

    Hey Rea! That’s pretty darn good! For a summer month, even! I find that my comments and participation on my blog tend to be cut in half during the summer… That’s why I decided to roll out the Wii contest just over a month before the 10 year bloggoversary.

    Glad to hear the monetization efforts are going well!


  2. Tanya (aka NetChick) Says:

    ps: I couldn’t find the comments link on your main template — I had to drill down to the single post to get to them. Perhaps it’s me, and it’s just too early in the morning!

  3. Rea Maor Says:

    I hope to join into your Wii contest, just finding myself too lazy at the moment…
    as for comments, you can add one from the Index page by clicking on “Comments” at the bottom of the post…

  4. Tanya (aka NetChick) Says:

    LOL! I guess I just didn’t see it. I must be tired this morning!

  5. CatherineL Says:

    Hey – your sponsors are really mean. How much do each of them pay you a month.

    August is a rubbish month in most businesses. I have had a slow month in everything I do. But i found out a long time ago there is no point in stressing over it, because then you get really busy again and wind up being rushed off your feet.

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