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Posted by: Rea Maor In: Internet and SEO - Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

No-one likes to get a note in their email that they were banned from a site. Digg is a great place to make friends, promote your articles and read some really neat things in the news category. You’ll want to avoid some little pitfalls though that will get your Digg account banned. After all the goal is to read, enjoy and promote without worries.

Spam anywhere is a definite no-no in the Internet world. Digg is especially worried about Spam. If all your articles are from the same Internet area, you might want to get friends to Digg your work. Digg is picky about too many of your submissions being from the same server. Digg and Digg readers are looking for variety and material from all over the Internet. If you hog all the space with just one or two primary servers as the source of articles people tend to get a little bit upset and report you to Digg for Spam. You should Digg by finding articles from other places like news sources, news blogs and your friends’ articles.

Everyone loves comments. Well, people appreciate the nice comments the most. Read some cool stories on Digg and leave a comment. Digg will like you better because they want members to participate in the community instead of simply submitting Diggs. Leaving comments will also get you some new friends to share articles and ideas with on Digg.

Another reason for Digg ban is creating multiple accounts to promote work. It’s really not a good idea to have several accounts so that you can Digg all your work. I mean those Digg numbers aren’t new people finding your articles. You really don’t benefit because no-one else is reading your material. To top that off it really ticks Digg off when they discover what you are doing. It is very much against their terms of agreement that you clicked you agreed to when you set up all those accounts.

There is a whole list of different places to put your writing. You can select from a wide range of categories. The problem creeps up when you can’t find a good topic. Some people throw all their off topics into the offbeat news category. This is really not a good idea. You won’t get your material read by others. Plus, it’s off topic and that really ticks Digg off. If you do this too often you will find yourself on a Digg ban. Stick to the topics that are already there. You can even write some new material to post just to get people to your corner of the Internet. They’ll find your material that didn’t fit on Digg when they browse around your pages.

Avoid the big Digg ban by not spamming or submitting material all from the same server. Leave some friendly comments to build up friendships and be active in the Digg community. Don’t create multiple accounts or post in the offbeat news category. Digg is a fun place to hang out and to promote your work. Just make sure to use the right shovels and picks for digging to avoid getting thrown out of the yard.

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