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Posted by: Rea Maor In: Internet and SEO - Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the Internet has replaced a lot of my reading time; time that used to be used reading magazines, newspapers, and books. Sometimes on a rainy day, you just get tired of clicking links and want to snuggle into one big site and burrow down into its depths, discovering an archive of treasures that you missed the first time around. For sheer, entertaining reading in huge quantities, I highly recommend these sites:

The Best of Craiglist – every couple of weeks, it’s worth checking back here to see what was added. The rants are always side-splittingly funny – classic hits include “To the guy who had sex last night in front of my house”, “To all the people in my apartment complex”, and the always-popular “143 Reasons That I Will Be The Best Girlfriend You’ve Ever Had”. – Want to know what the Internet talked about in the days before the World Wide Web? When we had bulletin boards instead of websites, Archie instead of Google, and ezines instead of blogs? Plow into this treasure chest of history. You’ll be amazed at how little has really changed!

Everything2 – Wikipedia is over-rated. Meet the *other* attempt at a free web encyclopedia, except that E2’s focus allows creative writing of all sorts. The quality is outstanding, thanks to the best ranking system on the planet. Would Wikipedia tell you “How to become a better anorexic”, a hilarious account of what it’s like to have a “garage sale”, or “25 ways not to tell someone that you’re in love with them”? I should think not. And sometimes, the informative articles burrow miles deeper than the best Wiki articles out there.

The BOFH archive – If you haven’t been here, you may not have discovered the funniest writing ever published on the Internet. “BOFH” stands for “Bastard Operator from Hell”, and this is the archive of the places where the most intelligent, wittiest, and geekiest humans on the planet come to vent their frustration. The quotes and posts from the “Scary Devil Monastery” (aka alt.sysadmin.recovery – an anagram!) are worth the visit alone. favorite quote: “| <- You must be smarter than this stick to ride the Internet.”

The Rotten Library – is better known for its shocking sex and death images, but for some reason they also have an article archive. Find out the most outrageous and shocking “facts” about every oddball thing you never thought to ask about. Not a good word about anybody here; it’s like a good tabloid – trashy but fun! Note that not a word of it is to be taken as fact.

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