Blog Revenue (Or, my Impossible adventure in Making Money Online)

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Making Money Online - Monday, March 19th, 2007

I would lie if i said I’m not hoping to earn some pocket money out of this blog,
but it’s main purpose is to learn new things while Writing to you and answering your questions.
(yes yes .. i know.. you don’t belive any of it… ).
after 1 month online with this blog i have wrote 35 Posts, received 44 comments and got asked (and answered) 5 Questions,
so whats wrong you ask ? well.. lets start with Comments.. i do like to improve myself.. it’s something i have.. not sure where i picked it up from,
comments usually help (they really do) so according to the “Top Commentators” table i have on the right side i have 7 people who comment (include myself)
and even they probably get money for that (not that i know of.. but thats the only explanation).
then there’s the Ask Me page.. i know that you probably don’t really want to Ask Me anything.. but I’m sure that sometimes…
late at night.. few minutes before you’re heading to bed.. there MUST be a question on your mind (yes.. yes.. I’ll answer anything.. really..) so why not Ask Me (do you get the hint !?) ?!

Another thing that bothers me is people (and blogs) like JohnChow.Com, i mean.. what do they have that i don’t ( i mean except readers,money,world glory,SEOed Blog, Content..) ?
The guy who owns this site is a “make money online” guru, that has turned his blog to a lean mean content-n-cash machine, in just 6 months (!!) he’s earning more then 7,000 USD per month… and thats.. like.. hmm.. 7000 time what i make from my blog.

i must admit that he has some VERY interesting ideas, specially the “Evil Blog Promotion Ideas” that i can see myself trying over and over until I’ll get banned from Google and Digg myself..
but the best thing about this guy, that unlike must others that copies and steal content, he has a very unique and original style, and he’s doing his best to answer questions (even if it makes him some more money in the way, like his “review his blog” in exchange for a Link offer),
and share his lifetime experience in Manipulating and Exploiting Money making systems (or letting others try that and get banned first).

Just to try and prove what he reached in just 6 months you can look at the 2 images below..
it belongs to some Weird Algorithm that was Inspired by Tristan Louis’s research
that uses the Technorati’s API to calculate how much your blog is worth..

as you can see below, my blog is worth little more then 5,000 USD – which is really great for a PR0, 1 month old blog..

My blog is worth $5,080.86.
How much is your blog worth?

On the other hand… if you consider that if you’ll multiply my 1 month old x 6 (the estimate age of john’s blog since the day he started to include ads) you’ll reach 30,000 USD
while as you can see, it’s worth more like 1,350,000 USD

My blog is worth $1,357,718.70.
How much is your blog worth?

So John… Having worth so much money (even if by very twisted Calculation) would YOU like to Comment / Link / Donate 1 month revenue to me ? (Pretty pretty please ?!)

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10 Responses to “Blog Revenue (Or, my Impossible adventure in Making Money Online)”

  1. webjourneyman Says:

    I´ve come accross this blog that I think is right up your alley (no affiliation b.t.w.) in regards to income perhaps read his post on making money from ones blog, especially take notice of what he say´s about placement:
    I have a question for you and please tell me if you´d rather like me to enter it in the ask Rea Maor part. Does my blog layout suck? Is green fonts on black background too much?
    Actually I have two questions. Situation is this: I´m studying for a degree in libaray and information science and have one year left, I work part time at a local library (all weekends plus 12 hours on working day´s). Recently I´m thinknig that since my dream is to be self employed I should quit my job and go full force into webdeveloping, the problem is that I´m scared of not earning enough to pay for rent, food, catfood etc. Should I take the plunge or continue as is hoping that someday I´ll have enough energy to work on my sites after school and work?

  2. Rea Maor Says:

    No.. no.. thats ok.. you can always feel free to post within the comments themselves.

    well, lets start with your First question, the problem with your website (in my opinion) is not so much the Color of the text, but more lack of it..
    you add posts and articles only once every week or so which isnt enough to get picked up by Search Engines nor would it attract enough people to generate interest and attract more people and traffic (does it make sense ?).
    as for your Template, it’s little bit too dark for me.. i like lighter sites.. but again.. it’s my opinion.. other then that i really like your site (the few articles you have, i always find them interesting enough, so i come back and visit the site every now and then in hope to find new once)

    as for the second question, i dont have a clear answer.. as i’m 23 years old myself and just finished my Mandatory time in the military just a year and half ago
    (3 full years of service) i’m thinking up myself where should i go and what should i learn and in the mean time i have Full time job together with my Side projects
    (this blog, the free forum site that i’m selling and few others) which doesnt generate enough money for living.. so while i’ll be the first in line to try and make my dream come true, i do understand that jumping into the deep water can be too risky.. and virtual life is one thing.. but unfortunately you’ll still have to pay bills and eat in the real world…

    my best suggestion is find yourself some time, even before heading to sleep..
    and write a post about anything on your mind… start to generate content..
    write notes during the day and then at night (or between classes) try to find the
    right time to upload them to the web..
    start with a small site (just like you have) and make sure you dont just give up..
    that way you’ll start to get click here, and click there.. dollar here and dollar there.. and when you see you have enough ground to stand on… then you can make that jump…

  3. webjourneyman Says:

    Well yes, there was a time when Google liked me and my posts would show on the first results page when entering the title. That was when I updated it more frequently. Then I lost motivation and deleted it only to come back and restore it, thats when the 6 got added behind webjourneyman by blogger and since then it has been pretty much invisible on search engines.
    I think you´re right, an all or nothing approach is too risky. I´d rather keep my dayjob at least while I owe the bank as much as I do.
    An advice to you, do it full force while you´re still in your twenties, I´m in my thirties now and can feel how I grow more conservative and more risk aversive as I age. There is a great post b.t.w. on before mentioned blog with 10 reasons why it is stupid to get a job.

  4. Rea Maor Says:

    First of all, thank you for the Article you’re referred me to,
    it’s VERY intresting and i’m sure to ReRead it again tommorow morning..

    as for your Weblog, i understand that you have your domain now
    (WEBJOURNEYMAN.COM) so come on.. i’ll give you FREE hosting and help you with all the WordPress assistence you’ll need.. Contact me to
    d3bugg3r (at) gmail (dot ) com, it’s a matter of few hours untill the DNS changes and then you’re all good to go… what do you have to lose ?

  5. Nafcom Says:

    Hope you don’t take this personal, but you could a bit of the readability of your blog. You confuse “its” and “it’s” (it is) pretty often, so people like me have to read such sentences a couple of times. Also you often write things with upper leading letter like “Laptop” or “Drive” eventhough it should be “laptop” and “drive”.

    Apart from that your language is very good.

    Also notice that I prefer to contact people directly by email and have all such conversations stored in my email client (which is M2). That’s why I had used your email address back then.

  6. Rea Maor Says:

    Thank you for that, yes.. i still have several syntax and/or grammar mistakes,
    as English is my second language i’m doing my best to avoid those mistakes.

  7. Nafcom Says:

    Since your English is perfect otherwise, I more assumed it was a case of “not knowing”. Well, you write like some Americans I saw, so far not really that much noticeable.

  8. Rea Maor Says:

    Thank you. 🙂

  9. Make Money Online - Batch 85 | John Chow dot Com Says:

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  10. Money Maker Blog Says:

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