This Time, the Bad Guy is Apple

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News has broken on Slashdot of Apple’s new policy to lock Linux out of the iPod. And it’s amazing to see the crowd, normally cheering Apple, turn on them in favor of Linux. And here is Linux being attacked by Apple instead of Microsoft, for a change. This works by inserting an encrypted hash which […]

iPhone – What’s wrong with a discount?

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For all the preaching that proprietary tech fans do about free enterprise and capitalist commerce, they sure don’t seem to be too happy with the end effects. It was kind of alarming to see the backlash of iPhone customers against Apple, who dropped their price for the new iPhone by one-third yesterday. But wait a […]

Candidates for the Technology Darwin Awards

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The Darwin Awards are normally handed out to people who manage to end themselves or their ability to participate in the gene pool in some spectacularly idiotic way. But technology companies have some serious Darwinian impulses as well, and we’ve seen many examples of this over the years. If there were a competition for an […]