The Playbook Bomb

Posted by: Jon T. Norwood In: Computers and Technology, Hardware and Gadgets, Website and Product Review

After months of fierce speculation and pontification regarding Research In Motions new Playbook tablet the wait is over. The day has come, and it has been released; everyone will be suitably unimpressed. Most of the speculation centered on whether RIM would be playing this as a wide appeal consumer tablet or as a tool to […]

Adblock Just Got Some Polish – Chrome Adblock

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Website and Product Review

Ever since the Firefox web browser got the ability to block web ads through extensions, other browsers looked on with a streak of envy. Even Internet Explorer users were all over our shoulders, all "Wait, your browser does what?" Well, not everybody knows that Adblock is also available for Chrome, the other open-source web browser, […]

A Look at

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Website and Product Review is a search site for finding web hosting services according to the guild lines you submit. When everybody starts out to get their own web domain, their first question is “Which web host should I choose?” But just searching Google doesn’t get you the answers you want – an impartial recommendation by people like […]