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Posted by: Rea Maor In: Blog Updates - Monday, July 16th, 2007

Wow, it’s been a while since I took the time to say Thank you,
as you all know none of us would exist if it wasn’t for our audience,
so without further adieu here’s my Community Love post !

Top Commentators:

Coop Search, from Coop Search blog

Comrade Smack, from

Charles Lau, from – do yourself a favor, you’ve got a great blog, don’t turn it into anther “Make Money Online” blog… we have more than enough of these and John Chow is evil enough for all of them combined.. Find your own Niche.

Marah Marie, from Anti AOL – carry on Sticking it to the man

and, Ms Danielle, from – I just LOOOOVE Binky !!!

I like you all, really… it’s always fun to see friendly faces (or eye catching avatar of some kind) thank you for visiting and joining my community (even if MyBlogLog has added you automaticly and you were too lazy to remove me).

wamylove, from
Thienlee from
pchere from
megalar from
Eddy-M from
technabob from
aziz-sm from
KidBlogger from (thank you for all the Link Love)
ReviewOn from
Netpiler from
macosxtips from
Tinu from

AND ( Don’t worry, it’s nearly the end),

Tamar, which is an AMAZING women, that helped me a LOT , really… I cannot thank you enough.

That’s it for this time guys, girls and wookies, don’t forget to sign up for RSS, join to my iPhone contest and drink a lot of water (or beer *hint*).

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  1. Charles Lau Says:

    Thanks.. Your point is taken… I will start to do some amendments.. 🙂

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