Cookie Monster, Crazy Cats and a Bicycle trip (OR Crazy Shutdown’s day)

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Misc - Sunday, March 25th, 2007

I must admit, I have never thought I would be capable of spending the whole day without
Access the Internet. It is nearly impossible to explain everything I went through yesterday
with just few words (as I know you people, and you will get bored fast enough and leave).

Well, my day began like any other Saturday morning, as it’s the national day off (just like Sunday on normal countries) I slept deep into mid morning at my girlfriend’s house,
then just like any Saturday we ate breakfast and watched cartoons (Cartoon Network Rulez !).
so far so good.. Well, it was around 12AM that I got bored watching TV and decided to take a little walk in nature.. Well, not really a walk as I’m lazy as hell, but I thought to drive up my new
and Way-too-expensive-for-the-amount-i-use-them bicycle (GT Zaskar Pro).
Quickly I unlocked them, took my helmet, put on my shoes and was all ready to out
when my girlfriend discovered someone broke into their Garage and took her bicycle (among other things) away, Well.. there goes my nature pedaling’¦
we had to go to the local police to file a complaint (just as you can imagine they didn’t care)
then we drove around the neighborhood to see if maybe we can see them anywhere
and in the end we just came back home’¦

That pretty much ruined the whole day ( or whatever was left of it )
and so we stayed home to watch some more TV, later on that night we went to the Local Pub
had a drink or two (Thank god for Guinness ) Sad and tired we came back home.

Luckily for me we came back after 1AM so I had a chance to check up my emails before heading to sleep.. sadly for me all what I found was additional 9741 Spam mails locked up in Gmail box
and 4 emails from my mother, sister, friend in New York and Grandmother all with the same topic ‘œFunny Cats Movie, MUST SEE’ what do I need to do in order to make them understand..
if it’s on the Internet, and it’s related to Dogs, cats, cows, sheep and other mammals I’ve probably seen it already, and if one of you send me something, DON’T SEND IT AGAIN !!!

So if I had to suffer, so do you.. Watch that movie and feel like a family.

Mentally Unstable Cat owners taking movies of their cats

My extra cool Pearl Izumi Cookie Monster jersey
Cookies are GOOOOOD

My GT Zaskar Expert bicycle (Great way to spend more then 1200 USD)
GT Zaskar Expert 2007

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