Defrag Instead of Freezing

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Microsoft and Windows - Monday, May 28th, 2007

You are right in the middle of writing a cool new program to try out on a friend. Oh no! The computer freezes. Not only did you not save your work, you can’t get the computer to unfreeze. You have to do a hard re-boot just to get things going again. This is not a happy scene for anyone. Use some computer magic and defrag instead of freezing.

Defragging seems a little scary to new users. The term itself is a little intimidating to some people. Just exactly what are you doing to your computer? Computers are like little cars in a sense. Nope you can’t drive them but they sure do get you a lot of places. Every time you visit somewhere you are essentially putting mileage on the car. Cars need oil changes, new tires and an occasional tune up. If you don’t do these things the car will leave you stranded on the side of the road. Computers will simply leave you frozen in mid-air right in the middle of projects or trying to visit places on the Internet.

We want to avoid those little freezes and the big total freezes that computers are apt to do from time to time. I mean after all we can’t always remember to save in the middle of program writing or the address of a really cool website we were visiting! Weekly, you want to gas up and fine tune the computer. Don’t worry you don’t have to wait in line at the gas pump. You are going to defrag instead of freezing for your computer.

Many people have Windows Vista installed on their laptops and desk computers. The first step is finding where to go or in our comparison knowing how to get to the gas station. At the bottom left of your computer screen is a big, circular button with a windows picture on it. You are going to click this and then click all programs. You are now halfway there to fixing up your computer. Click the word accessories and then system tools. You will then click the disk defragmenter words.

Vista likes to get your permission to do things. Give it permission to run disk defragmenter. It will throw up a new screen that gives you two options. One is to set your computer on a schedule. This is very handy because the computer will automatically defrag periodically. You can set the schedule to have it defrag once a week while you’re asleep. This is great because it’s like being able to have your car set on autopilot to go to the gas station weekly for a fill-up.

The other option is to defrag right this minute. Since you probably haven’t defragged before, this is the best choice until the computer is set on a schedule. You can keep the pc from freezing so much by using this option. Make sure you have some time to complete it and can run errands, go outside or do something fun while it does it work. You simply click defragment now and the computer does all the work.

Defrag instead of freezing by using the windows start menu. Once you get to the right spot in Vista it does all the work for you. Set up for regular schedule so that you can have the computer do all the work automatically for you. Your computer will run more smoothly and you won’t be left hanging in cyber outer space!

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