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Posted by: Rea Maor In: Apple and MacOS - Sunday, July 8th, 2007

The cool thing with Apple is that they give advance notice of a big product before they release it, and then the product is launched with a stack of new apps for it all ready to go. You could almost feel the industry hold its breath all last week, and to see it all come out must feel like a relief for a lot of the IT world. A chop-suey of stuff they’ve built for it:

Before we do anything else, see Apple’s own web development guide for the iPhone. You can pretty much take any Web 2.0 app and shuttle it between the iPhone and PCs with ease. It recommends you use Safari to test for compatibility from the PC, since that’s the common bridge between the two. Now, for all those who were wondering why Apple was in such a hurry to port Safari to Windows a couple weeks back… does that answer your question?

Meebo, the multi-functional chat application, is ported to it. There were bugs in the system but they’re getting it worked out now.

Ta-Da List, the to-do list and information organizer application. They’ve optimized it for iPhone as well as the web, and do the screen-shots ever look suh-weet!

Read-Write web’s list of apps for iPhone – Amongst the apps listed are the Etelos CRM suite of modularized CRM tools,’s video download service, Morfik’s new development platform for iPhone apps, and much more in the links.

Not to be outdone, GigaOM has its own list of iPhone candy. Some accessories here like headphones and carrying cases, along with web services.

Keep an eye out for this book, due this month: “The Missing iPhone Manual”. But you know what I’ll really be looking forward to seeing is O’Reilly to publish a “iPhone Hacks” book. O’Reilly Radar is already blogging about the iPhone, so you know it’s inevitable! Tech isn’t officially cool until it has a cookbook of cool wizard tricks.

The iPhone buzz has erupted so fast, it’s a struggle to keep up with it. You almost don’t dare sleep. If any readers out there have an iPhone, be sure to leave us a comment telling us all about it, and what you’ve discovered you can do with it!

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