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Posted by: Rea Maor In: Internet and SEO - Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Digg, digg, digg! Digg is a terrific social site to make new friends and get the word out about your articles on the Internet. The primary focus of Digg is news related articles and content. It’s simple and easy enough to use once you have registered with them.

Digg lets you have friends! Now you can become popular very quickly. Once you get registered scan through the main page. You’ll see tons of news stories that other people have clicked Digg and dug. Be careful though because you could find yourself lost for hours reading about all types of things and getting none of your work done. Digg is very addicting!

While you’re there on that home page find an article you like and is interesting. If possible find one that is similar to your topic for your Internet pages. Click the name of the person that submitted the article to Digg. It will flip you to a new page where you will see their profile and a little green button under their name. Click this befriend button. Voila! You have a new Digg friend. While you’re at it click Digg it and Digg the article they submitted.

Glance up at the top of the screen and you’ll see a big area that says profile. Under profiles there is a list of your friends. You can scroll to the very bottom click the button that says “See Who Befriended Me”. Here you will find everyone else that liked the articles you submitted or dug. Simply click the green button under their name to add friend. Voila more friends! It’s literally that simple.

The more times a piece is dug the more chances others will see it. Friends will see everything that you dug when they click your name in their friends list. You can submit a few of your relevant writing pieces from the Internet. Before you know it others will be digging your work too! It’s even fun to leave comments about articles that were dug.

Once you have set up a Digg account it is easy to add friends. Check the befriend button under your profile to see who has added you. Digg and comment on articles of friends. Submit your work as well to Digg. Before you know it you’ll have lots of friends and a great time sharing ideas and stories with one another!

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