Facebook Gets Assimilated into the Microsoft Collective.

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Microsoft and Windows - Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Ah! Where did all these Facebook stories come from all of a sudden?

What the devil is Facebook? It’s another social-network site. Think “high-class MySpace”. Whee! What, we’ve had 2000 of those lately?

Facebook’s history reads like a seedy nightclub that started out being exclusive and ended up taking everybody. First it was for Harvard graduates only, and they waxed their noses for thirty minutes per day to keep them properly turned up. Then, after the demand swelled, they said, “Aw, alright, other Boston, Massachusetts, USA college members may join our elite little club, but mind those muddy heels on our red carpet!” Then the rest of the Ivy League came by smirking, and they had to take them, too. Then they started taking anybody with a University email address. Now that they had exhausted every last yahoo with $100,000 to blow on a United States job coupon (oops, that was a typo for “diploma”), they finally…

…started taking anybody at all with an email address. Ponzi couldn’t have come up with a better scheme.

Here, I just signed up as “Puddin Tame”, employed, using the email address “jerkinoff@dontreg.com”, with the date of birth “April 1st, 1969”. The sole issue was when I entered “password” for the password – it stopped me and said my password wasn’t very secure and I should try another. So now my password’s “another”. It worked.

The first step was to “find friends already on Facebook” using, what else?, my email address book. Since spam-dodger services don’t keep one, I skipped it. The next step was to say where you were from, so I entered the city of “Not Gettinany” in the Virgin Islands. Then, right away, it wants you to join your country’s network. Pushy, aren’t they?

“Welcome, Puddin!” That’s it! You’re in, and are now a privileged member of this exclusive club which Microsoft just paid $240 million USD for 1.6% of.

I wonder how long they’ll be more high-class than MySpace at this rate?

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