Fascinating Wikipedia Ephemera

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Wikipedia Related - Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Nothing Earth-shattering today, except to point out that as Wikipedia continues to grow, it develops some odd corners and unexpected nodes that make it a fun place to explore. Some bizarre and amusing subjects you probably didn’t know about:

A complete guide to Oz – With maps! Probably the most thoroughly-documented fictional place outside of Mother Earth.

The History of the Universe in 200 Words or Less – Each word links to the relevant Wikipedia article. May I point out that the copyright at the bottom of the page predates Wikipedia. Yet another net mystery…

Notable Usenet Personalities – The famous, infamous, notorious, and eccentric. Modern Web 2.0 has no equivalent – will there be a list of notable bloggers some day?

Recreational Mathematics – This page is a gateway to discovering math games, puzzles, playthings, and obscure stuff like juggling patterns and origami.

Bullshit defined. – In case you didn’t know.

The rejected article dump. – When an article gets taken down off of Wikipedia, it sometimes ends up here. So this link serves as the banished Wiki!

The List of Buzzwords – Did your manager just say something that didn’t make sense? Go here and find out what it means quicker than an out-of-the-box thinker can leverage a paradigm shift!

Internet slang – Dang near every chat-room abbreviation, but not nearly enough of the words and phrases.

The Wikipedia Quote Database – Ever remember a quote and want to cite it, but forgot who said it? Search it out here.

Snowclones – You may not know what the heck a snowclone is, but you use them every day. These are the small-change cliches and one-liners popular all over as templates for inventing new idioms. How’s that for arcane knowledge? Never mind, just go look at the list and you’ll recognize them instantly!

And now that I have my list, here’s Wikipedia’s own list of unusual articles.

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  1. adrian Says:

    Come on! These are great, we grew up wit OZ and we all use Internet Slang, why are these considered to be unusual articles?

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