Feng Shui toilet seat

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Website and Product Review - Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Have you ever thought to yourself,’ Maaan I really want to learn how to Design a Feng Shui toilet seat? ‘œWell… it didn’t happen to me as well, BUT I did find a GREAT video tutorial website that suppose to teach you how to do EVERYTHING in/out/around & Under the house,
the creators of this website had a very interesting idea, as big sites like YouTube tend to
have a much wider niche (that is the Entertainment-tutorials-funny-sad-stolen clips-and-movie-trailers niche) I seems to prefer the smaller niche sites that keep everything clean and simple
(less clean, more simple). That’s the whole concept of 5Min Home.

The site itself is still in Beta and so it doesn’t have all the videos for all the categories,
but the idea itself is very good… its DIY concept taken to a completely different Platform.
You can find subjects like Dog Trainings, Changing a tire, How to play chess, how to take over the world, how to avoid kissing your grandma and a lot more weird ideas…
Just like any Web 2.0 site, this site also abuse innocent users, it enables you ask questions
on how to do pretty much anything you can think so, or you can upload your Home tutorials
and share them with the world getting nothing accept world fame and that fuzzy warm feeling inside (not the same one caused by eating one too many hotdog).
As I initially said, the site itself only just came online, so you have to give it some time…
but the whole concept of DIY videos is GREAT as I’m a lazy man and this saves me all the reading involved with studying’¦ now I only need to find a tutorial on how to Reassemble the laptop I took apart last week and I’m all set’¦

5min – Life Videopedia

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