How to Beat Up Imus in Gimp

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Image and Graphics - Saturday, April 14th, 2007

This Photoshop tutorial shows how to add bruises and other markings to a face. And now here’s how to do the same thing in Gimp:

Eenie meenie minie moe… which celebrity should we pick? Hey, the shock-rock radio DJ Imus has been in the news lately, so why don’t we use him today? With nothing personal on the guy, we will show a battered Imus as a metaphor for how his career is doing post-Rutgers-scandal.

Start by snagging a picture of Imus off of any media source, open it in Gimp, and hit Ctrl-L to open the layers dialog. Click the ‘new document’ icon in the layers dialog a couple of times and lay a couple of transparent layers over the image.

tutorial 1

Then Google for source images. Pretty much any bruise works here. Open a bruise image in Gimp and use the dotted-box tool to select just the bruise. Then Ctrl-C to copy, click to your base image and Ctrl-V to paste. Here, I used the resize and rotate tools to position the bruise under Imus’ left eye, pasting it into the transparent layer over the background.

tutorial 2

Now use the magnifier tool to zoom in a couple of times, and in the layers dialog set the transparency of our bruise layer to about 70% or so. Use the eraser tool to brush away the box around the bruise, keeping just the natural shape. Note that the eraser will give a softer blend around the edges if we use the ‘fuzzy circle’ brush in the eraser dialog, which you can get by double-clicking on the eraser tool icon.

In the case of this bruise, I had to adjust the color. Right-click on the image for the main menu and pick Layer-+Colors-+Brightness-Contrast… I moved the ‘brightness’ slider to the left, and set the bruise layer’s opacity to 40% in the layer dialog, keeping the layer’s mode ‘normal’ for this case. Experiment with different settings depending on the bruise you picked. When all is well, in the layer dialog right-click on the active layer (the one with the bruise) and pick ‘merge down’.

But if it still doesn’t blend, a little brushing with some tools will fix it. Here, just like with the eraser, I used the smudge tool (the icon that looks like a finger) and kept the fuzzy circle brush to lightly blend the edges of the bruise into Imus’ cheekbone.

tutorial 3

If you checked out the Photoshop tutorial and have followed this far, you get the idea that it’s the same process for each mark. For each bruise, follow the same or similar steps (use the lasso select so you don’t have a box, for instance), always pasting the bruise into the transparent layer on top of the picture, then resizing and adjusting for each situation. Add new transparent layers for each new mark. Here he is after we’re done smacking him around…

tutorial 4

There, now he’s been beat up. Can he have his job back now?


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  1. webjourneyman Says:

    Next task; how to make Hillary Clinton/Condoliza Rice appear sexually aroused (I’m not sexist, it’s just too easy to fake male arousal).

  2. webjourneyman Says:

    Am I this good at killing conversations?

  3. Nafcom Says:

    Hey, he looks pretty real on that one! 😀

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