How to buy and sell for profit – Article #3

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well how did you like part 2?
I think I wrote too much, what do you think?
I wonder if there’s such a thing as too much text in a post, after all it only make sense as people usually will get bored very fast’¦ well, I gave myself a day off after the last post so hopefully you had some time off yourself.

In this 3rd part I’ll try to explain how to add Value to the Property.
Finally, you’ve found the perfect site for you, and bought it’¦ was it a bargain or a rip-off that’s all depends on the price you’ll finally get after upgrading it yourself’¦

If you’ve seen my last two articles on the series then you should probably know
That in order to sell it again for profit you need to do one (or all) of the following upgrades,

1. Improve traffic
2. Improve revenue
3. Improve overall Search Engine ranking

While I cannot possibly cover all the things you could upgrade these three are the must important once as they are the once that in the end will set the Total value of the site. You have to remember that each type of site might require you focusing on something more then the other, for example (in my opinion) as blogs usually attract less traffic you should do SEO work first, as the revenue module is usually built
Affiliates, Reviews & Selling links and listing higher on relevant keywords would defiantly help it.
Other sites like Forums might need more General maintenance as they tend to suffer from a lot of Spam posts and lack of quality/Targeted content.

Sometimes all you’ll have to do is redesign the site. You can take advantage of existing traffic, for example, with a clever redesign that makes more efficient use of ad space. You can get a fully coded template for your site for as little as $60 USD
From sites like or if you have more cash to spend you might be interested to try and run a Design contest at “SitePoint Contests” forum
I’ve seen people increasing their AdSense earning by as much as 500% when moving their ads around page, if you have the extra time I would suggest even trying several
Sets of sizes to see what works best with the site, don’t forget to try and blend it with
The current colors of the layout, take advantage of Surfers Blindness, if you set a different color then they’ll just filter it out ‘“ make it the same color and their brain will
Think it’s the related to the post itself.

Don’t forget to try and take advantage of all revenue options out there, don’t use Google alone, test other options.

For example, they are great for any type of site as they’ll
Sell related (or unrelated) links on your Blog, Site, and Forum or wherever you choose.
They give you 50% of the revenue from link sells; it doesn’t sound much but when
You can put up to 10 links with them, and receive anything between 20 ‘“ 1000 USD per link; it sums up pretty fast…
They also have Great free Promotion kit; if you want to advertise your site you can get 100 USD FREE! you can buy 1 or 2 links from high PR sites for the ranking
Or buy lots of low PR links for the traffic.

You can also use, they offer a GREAT Pay per click service with their eMinimall and their TagCloud, perfect for Blogs.

Also if you happened to buy an established blog or content related site then you can use this AMAZING service, offers you to do Paid reviews and get
50% out of it, this can easily turn into 300 ‘“ 500 USD reviews which can boost sites
Value tremendously

The last option is sell Links or Banners directly, this has a great advantage as you get to keep 100% of the income, although it’s harder as Targeted audience might not know you it’s always worth the test, create a quick page (or post if it’s a blog), add needed information there, such as Traffic stats, Search Engine listings, general website information and the audience that comes to your site (Sex, Country, age.. whatever you might have’¦ the more details the better it is). Again, SitePoint Marketplace might be a great place to sell Links and Banners, just go there pay the fee
And offer your link space.

Whatever your path to improved revenues, make sure you:
1. Have a plan in place.
2. Look for an immediate flip.
3. Redesign and rebuild.
4. Test ad placements.
5. Try different revenue formats.

This is it for today, we only have one more part left in this series and it’s how to actually Find a Buyer and Sell the Property, so don’t miss it as it’s the one must important part of all (unless you’ve improved the site so much that’s it’s earning you tons of money, in that case you can feel free to donate me)

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