How to buy and sell for profit – Article #4

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Making Money Online - Sunday, April 8th, 2007

We’ve selected the site and bought it, Added value to it (SEO, Posts, Traffic and Content) and now it’s time to say goodbye, finally it’s time to sell the site again
And earn what we’ve worked for.

Selling your site is probably the easiest step there is,
Today’s sites have a lot of potential buyers that just like you wish to buy a site
And add them into their chain of sites or upgrade them themselves for extra revenue.
BUT, as easy as it might be, just like when you buy a site you have to make sure what you see and what you show, I’ve seen people who bought a great site with great domain and wonderful community of users just to discover that a week later the former admin has ran away with all their top users to a new community he set up
And you are left with a dying site.

SitePoint has 2 GREAT documents regarding selling sites,
You should really consider reading them up.

1. The auction guide
2. The web site selling FAQ

When you set up your site sell page you have to know how much you’ve invested up till that date, and how much value have you added to it so you need a rough estimate
Of how much money does your site worth NOW.
Always start the auction low as it will attract more bidders (that later will bid higher).
If you choose to place a Buy It Now price, make it 10 ‘“ 30% higher then what you actually expect to get ‘“ you can always lower it down if you want… you’ve got nothing to lose.
Save yourself the posting time and the headache, prepare all the needed information
In the auction page, Revenue Proof (AdSense, YPN, Paypal or whatever screenshots), Traffic Proofs, Geographic and Demographic details and screenshots.
Feel free to provide proofs for owning the domain itself.

It is VERY important to explain the buyers what is included with the site to prevent future problems. If you include the domain alone, tell them. Domain Only!
If it’s domain and files, tell them. Anything you include would be extra (Including help with transferring the files) make you state it clearly.

If you’re planning on selling the site for more then few hundred dollars I suggest you
Pay extra to make your auction bold (Link in SitePoint Marketplace) don’t be cheap,
You need to put money to earn money, just add the cost of the extra auction features to the price you hope to get.

Now after you’ve placed the auction and found your potential buyer comes the best part – Receiving the money. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as it sound, you have to
Make sure both you and the other party are happy with the transaction.
Yes, you CAN go and just transfer funds using Wire Transfer, Western Union or Paypal BUT keep in mind that those methods are only good when both parties are
Reliable and as I already said, I trust no one with my money!
Do yourself a great favor and use 3rd side companies like
They are very secure and doing a great job ensuring everyone will be happy in the end. Yes… they have their fees, but it’s really a small fee and you can either Split it 50% with the buyer or let him (or you) pay everything alone, but they save you up all the headaches and do everything for you, all you have to do is choose how you want to receive the money and wait.

So remember:

1. Price it right, start the auction low and give higher then expected BIN
2. Prepare your documentation, it looks better and runs better.
3. Don’t be cheap, pay little extra to gain a lot more ‘“ use Bold ads
4. be careful about what you disclose.
5. Make it secure, use 3rd side companies like

This is it guys, I’m sure those of you who will try it see that it’s very exciting
And very rewarding market, it might seem harder in the beginning then what it really is. Feel free to start small… there are plenty of small websites that you can buy
For less then 300 USD and quickly earn more then 1000 USD on them.
I’m sure that after you’ll see how much money you can make you’ll understand
What I’m talking about, and who knows’¦ maybe you’ll buy a site from me
Or I’ll buy a site from you guys… That’s the whole beauty of the net.

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