If Geek Sexual Roles Were Reversed

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Humor - Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Whether it be in Geekdom, Linux, programming, gaming, web design, or anything else touching the IT sphere, the lament is heard over and over: where are all the girl geeks? Well, guys, let’s try putting ourselves in the ladies’ place and see if we can figure out what it’s like for them…

IRC Linux_ghetto chat, Tuesday, 00:35AM

[Wanda_panda]: Wazzup?
[Insane_Jayne]: Not much.
[Hillary08rulz]: Hey, look on Slashdot! Some clueless N00B is complaining about how hard it is to implement a Quake server in Perl again!
Wanda_panda hands Slashdot poster a pacifier.
[Insane_Jayne]: LOLOL!
–} [Random_Joe] (randjoe@thismthat.address) has joined #Linux_ghetto
[Random_Joe]: Hi, I need help, please. I was wondering if any of you know how to configure the Java plugin for Konqueror?
[Hillary08rulz]: !!! A MAN!
[Pizza_Candy]: On IRC!!!
[Insane_Jayne]: In the Linux chat! Woo Hoo! *lifts shirt*
oOAliceNblunderlandOo is now known as oOAliceNbonerlandOo
[Wanda_panda]: I saw him first! Hey, Joe dude, A/S/L?
[Random_Joe]: Uh, my Konqueror version is 3.5.8. What’s A/S/L?
[Flaming_Fairy]:@Random_Joe How U figgure how 2 get on IRC?? Ur girlfriend teach you?
[Pizza_Candy]:@Random_Joe Got any pics? What size is your B===D?
[Insane_Jayne]: Hey Joe! (o)(o) !
[oOAliceNbonerlandOo]: U single, J03?
[Hillary08rulz]: @Random_Joe ( o )( o ) ! (y) !!!1
[Random_Joe]: Look I just need help with this one thing, I tried the Konqueror chat but nobody’s in there. I’m new at this Linux stuff, but I’m learning slowly. Any idea how to make Java work?
[Pizza_Candy]: Hey, do you want 2 C my webcam?
[Hillary08rulz]: Joez gonna B My slut!
[Insane_Jayne]: Hillary Ur a F4G. U woodnt kno what to do with a hogleg!
[oOAliceNbonerlandOo]: Joe, did you get on the Internet all by yourself?
–} [H0rny_Qu33n] (hrnyquen@gals2U.address) has joined #Linux_ghetto
[H0rny_Qu33n]: Somebody said there’s a man in here! Is he a stud?
[Hillary08rulz]: @Insane_Jayne Yeah, wel yo mamma such a F4G she got kicked out of the carpet store for lickin the samples!
[Random_Joe]: Um…
[Random_Joe]: ‘K thanks anyway, I’ll ask somewhere else.
–} [Random_Joe] (randjoe@thismthat.address) has left #Linux_ghetto
[H0rny_Qu33n]: Crap, he left before I got a lock on his IP#!
[Pizza_Candy]: He wuz probably tiny anyway
–} [Lucy_Likes] (lucy45611@shrimpboat.address) has joined #Linux_ghetto
[Lucy_Likes]: Wazzup, crew?
[Insane_Jayne]: Not much. Was a guy here, but he bailed.
[Lucy_Likes]: Aw, shame! It’s always such a tacofest in Linux. Why can’t we ever get any men in here?
[Insane_Jayne]: Beats me. We do everything we can to welcome them…

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  1. Binny V A Says:

    > [Insane_Jayne]: Beats me. We do everything we can to welcome them…

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