Killer Bunny with MS Zune mp3 player.

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Website and Product Review - Friday, June 15th, 2007

Bloggers usually tend to be male (or aliens, but then they are considered as genderless)
what were my odds to find a Female blogger, a HOT female blogger, a HOT female blogger with a Get-Free-Ms-Zune contest?!

I’ve found Ms. Danielle’s blog site when she first won the MS Zune from John Chow;
I think it’s so cool to find Tech girls, and a hot one, that’s a real treat.
As soon as I figured out she has a bunny I gave up trying to resist her Pink Color background blog, after all… with that killer bunny it’s only a matter of time before she send him to attack any blog who resist her choice of colors.…
during the last month I’ve heard SO much about how NOT to swing a golf club, Google Arbitrage and Artistic bunnies, that I cannot really think of a better way to compensate myself
then with a Cool Mp3 player, and Lucky me… she has a Zune Giveaway contest
personally I would prefer the Bunny Giveaway… but I’m afraid my 9 Cats,5 Dogs, 1 Bird and 1 Duck army would have other plans for the killer bunny.

Oh,my God!You killed binky!You bastard! 😈
Yum yum or run for your life ?

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