Linux Has More Phony Friends Than A Pop Star

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Linux and Unix - Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Over and over again, you see the mainstream media and corporations treat Linux and open source like that one poor fat kid who always got picked last for dodgeball in school. Software companies refuse to admit that Linux exists, until they’re in financial trouble themselves, and then all of a sudden… oh, all right, we’ll port it to Linux. Big corporations resist open source until their platform is sinking and then at the last minute… oh, all right, we’ll go open source. And of course, media figures will pick on Linux with glee, until they get in trouble for it and then have to apologize to Linux while scuffing their toe, under the watchful eyes of the principal. But they’ll box Linux’s ears again, as soon as nobody’s looking.

Case in point: Dan Lyons. That wild rascal who has been amusing the ‘net audience with so much wacky hijinks lately. You’ll remember him from such zany fiascoes as the “Fake Steve Jobs” blogger. When he’s not impersonating CEOs, he’s spewing amazing amounts of bile and vitriol with such click-grabbing headlines as “Is Linux for Losers?“, “Linux’s Hit Men“, “Linux Scare Tactics“, and many more family favorites.

Well, now he’s been filmed at a conference saying that he really didn’t mean it. No, we’ve got him all wrong! Him, paid by Microsoft to write smear articles against Linux? Oh, perish the thought!

Geez, Dan, could you just do a soft-core photo-shoot for Maxim while you’re at it? Because I just don’t think you whore yourself for enough attention.

This is the part where geeks get pissed off. Before, Dan Lyons flew mostly under the radar. Sure, the Linux community responded to the occasional troll, but mostly it was good for a few hoots on a slow news day. Oh, well, trolls happen: dismissed. But now when he adds injury to all of these years of insult, by actually lying to our faces when he isn’t getting paid to do so, that’s when the blogs get rolling. It’s one thing to be a low-life thug. It’s another to actually try to lie and say you’re not a thug, as if you think we’re all stupid.

Bet money to it: the harder Dan Lyons denies that he is a corporate Microsoft shill, the harder the community will dig. If he plays it right, he can antagonize somebody into going through his sock drawer and finding the contract from Steve Ballmer, which lays out exactly what he gets paid per FUD article. If he plays it further, even Forbes has to look at this joker at some point and ask, “Is he worth keeping around?”

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