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Have you guys heard about AGLOCO? It’s
a new company that offers a cool new way (and easy too!) to make
money while surfing the net. All you have to do is simply install a
toolbar on the screen, start surfing the web and get paid for it.
Yes, it’s that simple. In fact, once you’ve installed the toolbar,
you can forget all about it as you browse the Internet and get paid
for the grand equivalent of doing virtually nothing.

Interested? Well, of course you are! If
you’re already sold on AGLOCO, simply click on my referral link — — and sign up.

Are you interested but still not
convinced that AGLOCO is a good thing? I don’t blame you. I was, too.
It does sound like it’s too good to be true, doesn’t it? However,
after reading up on the company behind this venture and getting a
bigger picture of how the whole thing works, it’s all now
crystal-clear to me. Ok, let me clue you in.

AGLOCO defines itself as a global
community that is owned by its members. In fact, that’s where the
company gets its name — from the first letters of that phrase: A
GLObal COmmunity = AGLOCO. This company was founded to take advantage
of the billions of dollars in advertising revenues that are spent on
the Internet. Its basic premise is this: if advertisers, online
retailers and others are spending billions of dollars in advertising
to reach people like me and you who constantly use the Internet, why
shouldn’t we have a slice of this huge advertising pie? Through
AGLOCO, every Tom, Dick and Harry who surfs the web can now have a
slice of this pie.

How can AGLOCO afford to do this? In a
nutshell, some of these online advertisers pay AGLOCO to reach its
members through its Viewbar software, and AGLOCO simply channels a
part of the money they receive back to its members.

And here’s more. AGLOCO also has a
Referral Program wherein members who help the AGLOCO community grow
get a reward in return. As AGLOCO explains in its website, "The
bigger the community, the more money AGLOCO makes for its Members."

Sounds like a great way to make some
easy money, doesn’t it? You’re probably wondering, where’s the catch?
Well, there is none. There is no fine print or hidden agenda — at
least from where I sit and I’m pretty sharp at spotting scams like
this. People simply sign up, download the free Viewbar, refer their
friends (or not) and start making money every time they surf the

What’s that? You’re ready to sign up?
Well, welcome aboard. Once again, here’s a link where you can sign up

Now, it you’re one of those people who
are naturally wary of anything that seems to be too easy, perhaps a
little background on the history of AGLOCO and the way it has worked
in the past will help.

AGLOCO first made news headlines on
November 20, 2006 when it was announced that some of the founders of
AllAdvantage came together to form this new company. Launched on
March 31, 1999, AllAdvantage is actually the grand-daddy of AGLOCO.
It was then known as an "infomediary," and it was the very
first Internet company that gave its members a portion of the
advertising revenues that are spent online. Some of you will probably
remember its slogan, which became pretty popular at the time — "Get
Paid to Surf the Web." That phrase was quickly picked up by a
number of online ventures that had some sort of system of sharing
advertising revenues.

In less than two years of operations,
AllAdvantage was able to generate nearly $200 million in venture
capital and sign up over 18 million members in its first 18 months
alone. Of course, by paying its members to bring in new people into
its fold, AllAdvantage quickly became one of the most popular and
heavily promoted websites around. This is borne out by many of the
leading website traffic indices, including Nielsen//NetRatings, which
consistently ranked AllAdvantage among the top 20 websites on the

Aside from the then-revolutionary
concept of paying people to surf the net, AllAdvantage also
introduced other new concepts into the online marketplace that are
widely used today. One example is their Viewbar software, which was
then among the first desktop user tracking and ad targeting
applications. Through the Viewbar, which was positioned at the bottom
portion of a user’s screen, AllAdvantage members could "view"
advertisements to the website that they are browsing at that
particular moment and be counted as an advertising "hit".
This same Viewbar technology served as the basis for the adware and
spyware industries.

AllAdvantage was also the first company
to ever appoint a Chief Privacy Officer, whose main role was to
protect the privacy of users as well as to manage a wide range of
threats to the service’s integrity. Lawyer Ray Everett-Church
occupied this position in August 1999. Many major corporations, both
online and offline, quickly followed suit. By 2001, reports indicated
that a significant number of Fortune 500 companies had instituted a
similar position to Chief Privacy Officer.

Perhaps the biggest contribution of
AllAdvantage was the way it successfully implemented the "viral
marketing" concept, a term that refers to the practice wherein
members of a particular service promote the service to their circle
of friends and acquaintances. By hitting upon the idea of putting in
a compensation component to the mix and rewarding members for their
referrals, AllAdvantage took the concept of viral marketing to an
entirely new level. In May 2000, Red Herring magazine acknowledged
AllAdvantage’s contribution and hailed it as a "prime example of
viral marketing success."

Unfortunately, AllAdvantage was one of
the biggest victims of the bursting of the dot-com bubble in mid-2000
when the US economy entered into a recession and advertising
expenditures on the Internet declined sharply. AllAdvantage even had
grand plans for an initial public offering of stock during that time
but these plans were abruptly cancelled. Despite other initiatives to
generate more income, such as introducing sweepstakes, AllAdvantage
had to cease operations in February 2001. By that time it had already
paid out more than $120 million to its members.

Now, AGLOCO is picking up where
AllAdvantage left off. They feel that the business model introduced
by AllAdvantage has the makings of being a great success. Hopefully,
they have learned from the lessons of the past. In any case, I highly
recommend hitching a ride on the AGLOCO bandwagon. From where I sit,
it looks like Internet users like use can’t lose. For that reason,
here again for one final time is where you can sign up on AGLOCO — Happy surfing!!!

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