Making Money From The Blog ‘“ April 2007

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Making Money Online - Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

I’ve decided to make a follow-up articles regarding my attempt to Monetize my blog
and earn money with it, although it’s not my main goal I would like if I said I’m not interested
to seeing where this leads to, so just like Last month with ‘œMoney, Traffic and SEC during March‘ I’ll try to follow and explain last month’s revenue/seo/and strategy in general.

April was amazing! it really was, two of my articles made popular on digg ‘œGimp vs Photoshop‘ and ‘œWhy a Unix-based system?‘, both of them sent a lot of valuable links and traffic, sadly as
Digg users seems to be too lazy clicking ads I didn’t really earned anything from this accept
broken server (do yourself a favor, prepare yourself to get Digged / Slashdot / whatever).

During April, I’ve earned 16.66 USD, which is AMAZING figure if you consider that on March I’ve only received 6.23 USD, which means revenue has multiplied itself (267%).
I can only hope that next month will be the same or even more, although I suspect that it will be lower, much lower’¦
In total, I have made 15.47 USD with Google AdSence
and 1.19 USD with Chitika eMiniMall.
I wish bigger companies like ReviewMe and text-link-ads will allow me to use their service, maybe then I could really earn something’¦

Google has made their once-every-3-months Toolbar PR update,
I was expecting something around PR 4 due to the links I’ve earned from getting digged,
but I’ve only received PR 2, actually’¦ many other websites has received low ratings and the general feeling is that Google changed their PR algorithm upside down.

I wasn’t able to follow my ‘œone post per day’ goal simple because my brain has gone numb and refused to let me to write anything! I did manage to write 26 articles in 30 days, which is 18.9% improvement from last month (21 posts in 31 day), I also got 99 (couldn’t you send one more ?) comments which is great, as it means I’m not the only reader of this blog.
one final improvement was in RSS readers, during the whole month this went from 15 (at the beginning of the month) to 47 (after I got digged) and back to 18 (today), so it means more people
read my blog (and doesn’t see the ads !).

My goals for THIS month would probably be
1. Sustaining or improving revenue (it would be the hardest in my opinion)
2. Reach my one post per day target
3. Getting more users to sign up my RSS feeds
4. Finding a guest writer (if anyone would like to guest write, feel free to contact me).
I hope that this month would bring many new surprises’¦

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  1. webjourneyman Says:

    “4. Finding a guest writer (if anyone would like to guest write, feel free to contact me).
    I hope that this month would bring many new surprises’

  2. Rea Maor Says:

    Thats great !
    would you mind contacting me via email ?

  3. This month special (or: selling myself cheap) ' Says:

    […] digg_bgcolor = “#”; Due to last month Amazing revenue raise I’ve decided to try and add more revenue sources until big sites like ReviewMe and […]

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