Making money online – May 2007

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Making Money Online - Friday, June 1st, 2007

Wow, this month was a mass, after last month 200% increase in profit I was sure
that this month would be Very hard to follow, if you remember I said that I estimate
this month would have hard time to beat the last month as I was only expecting 10% increase per month.

Well, guess what? After a quick sum up, all together it seems that I’ve made another 200% increase!
This month I’ve earned 34.75 USD from this blog, finally, we’re moving somewhere.

Unlike April, on May I’ve Finally got accepted to many “Blog for money” programs,
Smorty , PayPerPost and Kontera has accepted me together with some nice people
who were willing to Buy me a Pint of beer, hopefully next month we’ll be better, I cannot
really expect this to go on, but even if I’ll make 10% increase I’ll be happy.

Below you can find a quick table I’ve made to show the last few month’s revenue sources.


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3 Responses to “Making money online – May 2007”

  1. Andy Dang Says:

    Good job. I still haven’t hit my 100 from google yet and their bringing in the most money in for me. Every now and then, I get lucky and a sexy girl wearing bikini shows up on my google ad.

    Well, my blog is about 9 days old now, and I am still waiting from some affiliate/ad programs to approve me. I’ve made about 50 bux total so far. Well, good luck to you.

  2. Rea Maor Says:

    9 days old with 50 USD, well then, i that case YOU can teach ME a thing or two.
    i actually own several other sites (not blogs) so reaching the 100 USD with google isnt a problem…

  3. webjourneyman Says:

    Guess those early day’s are like the squares on a chessboard in that tale. If you get one penny for A1, two for A2, four for A3 ect. for all 8×8 black and white squares on a chess board, you end up with a lot of metal.

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