Microsoft Was Never In Favor With Hip, Young Anybody To Start With

Posted by: Rea Maor In: Microsoft and Windows - Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

What I love about stories like this one posting at Slashdot is that it does so much of my work for me. It already shows so much of what deludes the IT crowd. Apparently, “‘Microsoft is totally off the radar of the cool, hip, cutting-edge software developers.” Ooooooh, pass me the crack pipe while I honk a hit off of it and ponder the epiphany.

Break it down: “out of favor”: Microsoft was never in favor, period. People do not work for Microsoft because they’re dewy eyed with love for the corporate world dictator. They work for Microsoft because it’s a paycheck, and it will continue to be a paycheck for years and years to come. When I said Microsoft is doomed, I didn’t mean this year. There’s a whole movie trilogy left to go before the end.

Now, considering cost a factor. No. Nobody who can call themselves a programmer has ever paid for a piece of Microsoft software. You know what? I want the respective ISPs of Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer to publish complete web-use history. Because I’ll bet you anything, anything at all, that they’ve downloaded cracked Visual Studio copies off of Bit Torrent just like everybody else. They’re just crossing their fingers and hoping for the really dumb ones to bother paying.

Now we’re left with the one true factor: developer-friendliness. It’s a little beyond that, even. Developing anything for a Microsoft platform is an experience of pure torture. I’m talking on a scale with Saddam torture. You look at the comments in there, and people are actually comparing QT/C++ favorably to Microsoft development tools. QT/C++, behind the KDE system for Linux, is like pulling out your toenails with pliers and then jogging through a pool of bleach, so now imagine Microsoft development being worse than that.

Developers will put up with it anyway. It’s a paycheck. That’s all it ever was, was a paycheck. If plumbers and garbage men can still come to work every day, then so will software developers.

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